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We are extremely proud of our 10 years of experience helping schools close the achievement gap. Our work is transformative because we provide attention to helping leaders and teachers build stronger relationships with students, families, and those in a student’s network of care. To raise compassionate children we must lead and teach with love and compassion.  Our core values of Trust, Collaboration, Diversity, and Innovation fuel our efforts.  We help schools implement culturally relevant content and pedagogy to create equitable learning spaces.
Legacy Pathways helps districts, schools, and organizations articulate strategic action plans that include a shared vision, a theory of learning, and opportunities to celebrate learning. For a decade we have worked to transform Principals, Assistant Principals, Instructional Coaches and Teachers into strong Instructional Leaders. We equip school leaders and educators with the confidence and skills needed to become critically reflective practitioners, who demonstrate effectiveness based on student achievement data. At Legacy, we believe that school leaders and teachers must be effective and affective in their work. Moreover, we understand that today’s schools must change to reflect learning goals that are culturally responsive and sustainable to ensure that each and every student become life-long learners and are prepared to enter college and / or the workforce with skills that meet the demands of the 21st century.  Our work is aligned to My Brother’s Keeper Initiative because we purposefully connect social emotional learning with academics outcomes with mathematics as the centerpiece.  Our theory of learning–Mathematics is  Language–is a proven lever for helping schools close the achievement gap in mathematics and increase graduation outcomes.
Selma K. Bartholomew, Ph.D. “Dr. B.”
President and Owner
Dr. Selma K. Bartholomew “Dr. B.”  BIO
President/Owner/Certified NYS/NYC Minority, Women Business Enterprise
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Innovation is the cornerstone of our partnership efforts. We provide online coaching and technical support to individuals and teams. Our purpose is to provide immediate and relevant attention to the planning and content goals of teachers. Our sessions provide a high emphasis on helping teachers engage learners and plan lessons targeting what each and every student should know, understand, and able to do. Online sessions place emphasis on academic rigor, differentiating instruction, developing academic vocabulary and checking for student understanding.
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“Thank You for Your Passion and Openness”

Thank you for your passion and openness.  This work is so important, and we as educators need to put our children ahead of ourselves.  This self reflection is absolutely critical.


NYC Teacher: Algebra for All Summer 2019

“Thank You”

Thank you! As I defend my students with disabilities against biases. It never occurred to me that “as simple” as Race of my children in something that has to be identified and celebrated as well.

NYC HS Teacher: Spring 2019

“I Feel Passionately About Equity”

After today’s session, I realized that I feel passionately about equity in the classroom.  However, being passionate is not enough, I must more to bring awareness to the issue. I find myself sweeping things “under the rug” rather than addressing the issues which plays a roles in why we are where we are today.

NYC Teacher: Algebra for All Summer 2019