A Message from our President
Dr. Selma K. Bartholomew

Welcome to Legacy Pathways and let me explain how Legacy Pathways Can Help You! Legacy Pathways is an educational consultant group specializing in providing training and learning opportunities for schools and educational organizations. We serve as professional educational partners, utilizing technology, research, innovative ideas, hands-on learning experiences, and best practices to develop and sustain lifelong learners. We provide comprehensive services in the areas of: Evaluation; Strategic Planning; Curriculum and Instruction; and Instructional Leadership. In collaboration with district and school leaders, Legacy Pathways’ programs and services align state standards, curriculum, assessment, and professional development goals to improve the quality of teaching and learning. Sincerely, Dr. Selma K. Bartholomew and Team

Our Services

Improve SQR Ratings

Transforming how schools demonstrate evidence of their work!

Strategic Planning

We partner with schools and districts to facilitate the development of strategic action plans that drive instructional goals. The final product includes SMART goals, strategies, essential skills, roles and responsibilities, budget and evaluation protocols to support a shared vision for teaching, learning, and leadership. We provide attention to systems, structures, beliefs, and practices. We provide tools and strategies for monitoring and revising outcomes.

School Quality Review

Legacy Pathways’ P12 Portal helps leaders focus and manage the actions of individuals, teams, and everyone in the school community. Our P12 Portal management system and framework is designed to help sort out the important and unimportant practices so that teachers and teams do not get lost in organizational details. Our system puts an end to disparate systems, unorganized binders, list and limited tools.

Curriculum Development

Innovation is the cornerstone of our partnership efforts. We provide digital curricula in ALL core content areas that are aligned to state, CCLS, and district standards. Core curriculum products address what ALL students should know, understand, and be able to do. Curriculum documents place a high emphasis on academic rigor, differentiating instruction, and 21st Century skills necessary for ALL learners to be prepared for college and career goals.

Professional Development

We provide site-based coaching, workshops, and institutes in all core content areas. Research, rigor, CCLS, best practices, technology, and the use of data guide the work of our program leaders. We customize professional development to meet the needs of our clients and provide attention to the essential domains of teaching: planning and preparation, instructional delivery, the classroom environment, meeting the needs of diverse learners, and using data.


We help districts and schools build capacity and close the achievement gap. We provide comprehensive programs and services that include site-based coaching, institutes and conferences focused on CCLS, teaching algebra, problem-solving, and differentiating instruction. We provide support to teachers as they work to increase student engagement, classroom discourse, enhance academic rigor, establish relationships, and bring relevance to mathematics teaching and learning. Read More (see attached)

College and Career Readiness

Districts and schools must ensure that ALL students are prepared with college and career readiness skills. We help schools and districts align systems, curriculum, and instructional practices to ensure that ALL students are prepared with 21st Century literacy skills necessary to be successful in college and the workplace. Our program leaders work closely with all stakeholders and provide attention to goals, content, rigor, relationship, and rapport.

Our Services

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Our company is located  in New York City.


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