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Legacy Pathways proudly celebrates 10 years of partnering with districts, schools, and organizations to create equitable and socially just learning communities wherein each and every child thrives. We work with schools and organizations to develop strategic action plans and provide comprehensive professional development, site-based coaching, and curriculum products to help improve learning outcomes.  WE KNOW HOW TO CLOSE THE ACHIEVEMENT GAP.

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Our nation needs a better prepared workforce.  We partner with districts, schools and companies seeking to better equip students and workers with skills to meet the demands of the 21st century.  We help district, schools, and organizations align systems and facilitate comprehensive audits. We are highly skilled at strategic planning and provide leadership training, teacher training, curriculum alignment to Next Generation standards, family engagement.  We provide institutes and products on culturally relevant curriculum and pedagogy. Districts and organizations partner with us because we provide customized solutions to meet the unique needs of their students, stakeholders, and workforce. We have proven success in closing the achievement gap and increasing graduation rates.

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College and Readiness

We partner with schools and organizations to facilitate the development of strategic action plans. The process includes attention to:
  • Vision, Mission, and Core Values
  • Develop a Shared Vision
  • SMART Goals
  • Essential Skills and Roles
  • Align Budget and Resources
  • Evaluation and Progress Monitoring
Leadership has and always will be synonymous with change.  Today’s leaders need concrete support and coaching to deal with real situations and to meet the needs of a diverse staff.  Our team of Program Leaders works with leaders in districts, schools and business to develop capacity and implement systems and structures. We hold to our core values of TRust, Collaboration, Diversity, and Innovation.
We provide comprehensive workshops, institutes and coaching for leaders with attention to:
  • The Leader as a Steward
  • Developing a Shared Vision
  • Knowing Your Leadership Style
  • Instructional Leadership
  • Team Building
  • Systems and Structures
  • Telling Your Story
  • Leadership Ethics
10 years of proven experience and expertise helping teachers bridge the gap between theory and practice. We provide school based and online coaching for teachers. topics include:
  • Develop Meaningful Relationships with Students and Families
  • Classroom Management
  • Developing Students as Leaders—Voice and Confidence
  • Deepening Content Knowledge
  • Deepening Pedagogical Content Knowledge
  • Understanding The ARC of Instruction
  • Implementing A Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
  • Protecting Equity for Each and Every Child
  • Curriculum Audits: Unpacking and Alignment to Next Generation Standards
  • Making Sense of How to Differentiate Instruction
Thank You! Chaplain Charles Watters JC Legacy Lab Day Spring 2019
Why are our schools closing the achievement gap in mathematics?  We know and love our teachers, students, and families. When schools and districts PartnerWithLegacy we take the time to help teachers and leaders make sense of how to develop more meaningful relationships with students and teach with compassion.  We then intentionally target the content that our teachers need to know, understand, and be able to do.  We build the bridge between Number Sense and Algebra for teachers.  Our team Creates a safe space for math teachers to address content questions, gaps in understanding, and math issues that they struggle to teach and topics students struggle to learn.  Our Theory of Learning is that Mathematics is a Language.  We are excited about math partnerships and appreciate the buy-in from teachers. Teachers in New York, Jersey City and Baltimore have embraced our Legacy Lab Day Model because it is a new approach to differentiating  instruction, individualized learning, and assessment.
We flip and shift the learning culture with our Legacy Lab Days and Math Notebook Product. Our Program Leaders are content and pedagogy experts. We help teachers:
  • Develop a Shared Vision for Mathematics Teaching and Learning
  • Deepen Math Content Knowledge
  • Kick “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally” Out of Every Math Classroom
  • Strengthen Pedagogical Knowledge—Knowing mathematics does not mean knowing how to teach math
  • Legacy Lab Day Model: Teachers learn how to differentiate instruction and develop student voice and confidence. An innovative approach to assessment to ensure immediate feedback from peers and teachers.
  • Protect Equity for Each and Every Child
  • Get to Know and Make Sense of The Problem-Solving Strategies
  • Develop Habits of Mind (i.e, Developing Academic Vocabulary, Summarizing, Reflecting, Visualizing, and Synthesizing)
  • Develop an Understanding and Framework for Culturally Relevant Content and Pedagogy in Mathematics
PartnerWithLegacy to develop a comprehensive strategic plan for Youth Development and My Brother’s Keeper Initiative. We help districts and schools develop an awareness of the MBK goals. OUr Team facilitate a process over several months that leads to a plan of action for schools and community to improve outcomes for Boy and Young Men of Color and Youth.  We are successful because we bolster social and emotional with academic goals. We are intentional about outcomes in mathematics and literacy. We help leaders and teachers make sense of the instructional shifts to concretely meet the goals of MBK in the school culture and classroom.
  • Developing a Shared Vision
  • Unpacking In-Grained Beliefs and Fears
  • Framing SMART Goals
  • Equity Framework
  • Getting to Know Our Boys and Young Men of Color
  • Implementation Activities
  • Timeline
  • Budget
  • Evaluation

About Our Approach

Middle and High school students get an unprecedented gateway into the future with our I AM Satoshi Blockchain Academy.  Your child will get introduced into the dynamic world of Blockchain and gain an understanding of the mindset of an investor, developer, miner, and trader.
Purpose, passion, and innovation drive all of our work at PWL.  With more than a decade of experience we know that that the access to Blockchain industry is only possible by helping our gain math confidence.
Well trained instructional specialists with expertise and passion to build professional relationship with your child. Our team members are specialists who are compassionate and intentional about helping students reach their goals.  

About Our Academy

Blockchain is here and reshaping the future.  Take control and bridge the knowledge gap as you learn about the real-life Miners and delve into the world of Cryptocurrency.  You will get to make friends and have fun learning about how to become a tech mogul. This academy will give you the voice and confidence to step into the world of Blockchain.

About Our Curriculum 

  • Engaging Instruction: Students develop a framework for Blockchain, technology skills, leadership, and teamwork,
  • Respect, Rapport, and Responsibility are core skills that student need to navigate in complex technology sectors and work environments as they move ahead in their careers.
  • Mindfulness: A world without mindfulness is chaotic. We intentionally integrate exercise and yoga into our model.
  • Time Management: Learning happens when we take time to unwind and breathe. Your child will get free time.
  • Celebrate: We take the time to honor our students and their accomplishments throughout and on Graduation Day.CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE


Back to Basics Summer School

Parents and teachers are overwhelmed managing students learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Online learning been a challenge, but parents need a plan and a partner to give their child the skills needed to succeed in the any classroom. PWL’s Back to Basic Summer sessions provide small group instruction to elementary, middle and high school learners so they can come back to the classroom stronger.


Algebra Basic 
Students master basic and complex Algebra. Students learn the structure of algebra which helps them succeed in more advanced courses.
Fractions Basic 
Students navigate adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions using word problems. Learn methods that help to get over the anxiety and frustrations of working with fractions.
Number Sense Summer Session
Students build arithmetic skills and understand the applications of mathematics.
Writing and Communication
Middle and High school students
Students build critical thinking skills, practice essay writing, and complex reasoning.


We work with partners with districts and schools to align systems, curriculum, and instructional practices to ensure that all students are prepared with 21 st Century Literacy Skills necessary to be successful in college and the workplace. We actively engage districts and schools to examine their data and set realistic goals for teaching, learning, professional development, and leadership to create a culture of high expectations for ALL learners.

Develop, implement, and sustain SMART Goals for ensuring all students have access to a rigorous curriculum and high-quality teaching necessary to attain college and career readiness skills. College Preparatory Framework aligns with our work efforts with MBK.

  • Promote collaboration amongst teachers that encourages student pride, high
    expectations and develops students as independent learners.
  • Support general education and special education teams of teachers as they work
    to become full partners in meeting the needs of ALL diverse learners.
  •  Provide support to general education and special education teachers as they
    develop lessons that reflect fidelity to the following Integrated Co-teaching
    models: Alternative teaching, Parallel Teaching, Station Teaching,
    Collaborative Co-Teaching and Consultant Teaching.

Introducing Sample Pages of our Newest Product –  Legacy Math Notebooks –  Contact us now Info@partnerwithlegacy.com for Sales

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“Thank You for Your Passion and Openness”

Thank you for your passion and openness.  This work is so important, and we as educators need to put our children ahead of ourselves.  This self reflection is absolutely critical.


NYC Teacher: Algebra for All Summer 2019

“Thank You”

Thank you! As I defend my students with disabilities against biases. It never occurred to me that “as simple” as Race of my children in something that has to be identified and celebrated as well.

NYC HS Teacher: Spring 2019

“I Feel Passionately About Equity”

After today’s session, I realized that I feel passionately about equity in the classroom.  However, being passionate is not enough, I must more to bring awareness to the issue. I find myself sweeping things “under the rug” rather than addressing the issues which plays a roles in why we are where we are today.

NYC Teacher: Algebra for All Summer 2019